Saturday, November 20, 2010

-Past Tense-

21 November 2010

ilustrasi daripada pengarang

sometimes u are regret on wat are u doing. it cannot be fix. its complicated. its huge. u just need a big hole to keep it down underneath. keep it underneath ur hearts. hearts dats carry many burden of yours. sad, happy its mix up together rsulting some other feeling rite now. the feeling of confusing. eating u day by day. ruins and making ur life weirdo from usual. its not interesting at all.

guess what. get use to it man. its ur choice, dats wats u live with it. choice dats make who u are. every choice leads to different path. different result. thats make ur story life. i know its painful, ok fine. just forget about it. dats a long time ago. this is now. we talk about dis day ok. u live today or past?

every mistake u make, every decision u take. u learn something. life is like white shirt. u decorate it ur self. its up to u.

its simple man. njoy ur life. u know wat to do.

but remember, they are rules. u know the consequences. play nice. dun rush. if not, its all back
to square one. u got it? huh

p/s: wa sje kasi lontaran pendapat pagi ni. tp wa rse ade yg xkne la kat ats ni. ahh! abaikann

5.50 am
21 November 2010


bell nabila said...

wa pon rase...=p

rahmat said...

hahaha ape yg lu rse ni??? meh habaq kat cek no.. =P